Monday, March 29, 2010

Then & Now

This past Saturday, I completed the inaugural Rock the Parkway 10k. My original intent had been to compete in the half marathon, but the last month ended up being a bit rough on the training, so I backed out of it. Best decision ever. The conditions ended up being horrendous: raining, windy, in the 40' even hailed right after the finish! I swore, if Matt and Brock were waiting at the 1.5 mile mark as originally planned (before the inclement weather) I was going to just hop in the car and leave with them. But I finished. The best part of it all? Because I still had the blue half marathon number as opposed to the green 10k tag, and I tend to speed up for the finish, I got a lot of cheers from other runners and spectators who all thought I was the first female to finish the half!! Ha! That's right, I ran a half marathon in under 1:20.00 (that would be 6.04 minutes per mile pace...) Here is a photo from an 8k I did in 2004 compared to a photo from the 10k in 2010.

Then, I ran the 4.9 miles in 34.02 - holding a 6.52 minute per mile pace.
Now, I ran the 6.2 miles in 1:04.56 - holding a 10.26 minute per mile pace.

Then, I weighed 146 lbs.
Now, I weigh 183 lbs.

Then, I had one year until graduation from college.
Now, I have one year until graduation from med school.

Then, I won my age group.
Now, I finished in the back of the middle of the pack.

Then, I was in it to win it, and loved pushing my my body as hard as it could go; I think I did the last mile in under 6 minutes.
Now, I was trotting along, listening to music, and watching the sidelines so I could wave to my husband and baby as I passed.


Ashley Hall said...

Yay for you! Thats so awesome. You make me want to get off my couch :)

Maggie said...

You look pretty darn good in both pics! Your legs are still ripped, I can tell that even with tights on.

Way to go on that 10K!

Lisa said...

Wow! You have motivated me to get moving! However, this baby bump will slow me down for quite awhile... but good for you! Congrats on making it through in those conditions! My sister did the Hospital Hill half marathon the same day and said it was miserable!

Sue said...

Then: You wore the tight smile of a focused competitor.
Now: You sport the relaxed, ear-to-ear smile of a confident, happy, much adored wife and mother.
So proud!

Emmy said...

I love that picture! I'm pretty sure you could have been a B.A. fitness model back in the day. Way to go!