Monday, September 13, 2010

Babies, babies, and more babies!!

Due to the overwhelming number of baby showers, 1st birthdays and general pregnancy/baby mania that surrounds me these days, I thought I would do a grand post of it all...

Ben and Molly Million turned 1!
Yes, that is a real baby lion. It is not legal for untrained professionals to pet the little guy, so he was for show only. One of the neater things I have gotten to see up close. In addition to exotic animals, there was a pinata, yummy food, and lots of toys to entertain Brock.

Dominick Hall is 1!
Brock enjoyed the pool at this party! It was a nice change from the public pool, he could play in floating devices, run, jump, and climb. Also, this was probably his last dip for the season, all the pools are closed and it's getting a bit Fall-like outside.

Baby Bellies
I thought I would just include pictures of myself with my pregnant family and friends: Anna, Courtney, Beth and Whitney (so far). Whitney, Beth and I are all due within a week of one another; November 13th, 9th, & 5th. I include a shot with Meaghan Hagenhoff, because she should be on this post somewhere...Brock and I missed her Irish twins' celebrations: Henry's 1st birthday, and Teddy's baptism.

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