Monday, September 6, 2010

Looks like the devil is beating his wife.

The bizarre, wonderfulness that is this week began on Monday, and has carried through for the entire week. It begins in the ER...

My final shift in the ER proved to be the most eventful. I got to tell someone they were pregnant, sew up a lacerated elbow, and witness a momentarily life-saving bedside surgery to a gunshot wound. Cracking open the chest in the ER is apparently a very rare event. Amazing to witness the focus, care and efficiency involved in attempting to save a life. I left the rotation with the reassurance that as physicians, we really do have the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

The next morning, as my sister an I sat in First Watch, enjoying a relaxing breakfast together, in walks our grandmother! So, she sat down and joined us for the meal, making it all the more delightful. As we ate, out of nowhere, she says, "Well, it looks like the devil is beating his wife". Most people might be a bit put off and or confused by such an odd, random statement, but as kin to her own child, comments such as these are a near daily occurrence. Apparently, when is rains in one area, such as out the front window of First Watch, but not in another, such as the side window of the restaurant, this indicates that the devil is beating his wife. And it was sunny out, to boot. I remember this type of occurrence happening once as a child, where it rained in our yard, but not our neighbor's, and the excitement I felt probably rivaled the "double rainbow", as I ran back and forth between the two yards.

I then moved on to school, to complete some necessary paperwork for residency applications. Here I stopped in the office of the supervisor for rotations, and discussed with her my options. In our discussion, we realized a spot I had hoped for in December was actually open! I got the family medicine rotation, previously denied to me all set. (This rotation is a great transition between being off with baby to working - 4 day weeks, and off for the week of Christmas.)

Wednesday, I found out that I am NOT gestationally diabetic. I then heard that I got a rotation at Truman Medical Center for October! Lets just hope Baby 2.O doesn't decide to come anymore than 2 weeks early. During this month, I will get to work closely with attendings and residents involved with the UMKC Ob/gyn residency program, I hope I like it, and that they like me! (I also found out that I got a 5 day weekend for Labor day!)

Thursday, I applied to 10 residency programs. A very frustrating process, but it is more or less done for now. I will probably apply to a few more - just need to do a bit more research. Time for the waiting game...

Friday, we played at the zoo with Ashley, Joey and Addison Toma. Then Matt and I took a break from the little guy to attend the 30th birthday party for Rebecca, of Rebecca Peters Photography. Besides being located in Olathe, it was a rather nice evening, complete with a photo booth, of course.

Saturday morning I got news that I had passed the COMLEX PE, just waiting on one more exam score. The night turned into one of those kind of nights that you just can't plan. I feel it was the pinnacle of unexpected events for the week. Originally, we planned a game night with the usuals (Gabe, Christin, Kailtin and Tom), but we ended up sitting on the deck all night around a fire with some less than usual guests (Chris, Nicole and Nick). Brock had gone right to bed at 8:30, despite all the people being around, and we just relaxed and enjoyed the perfect weather & company.
Finally, we did some work on the bathroom, then attended KC's annual Irishfest. Matt's parents bartend at a tent to fundraise for the Junior Blues' Rugby Team. Again, we had a chance to see an out of town friend, Luke, as well as many other people - seeing as, between Matt and I we probably knew 50% of the people in attendence at this thing.

And, today? Today we are back to Monday, and I am blogging, sleeping, continuing to do work around the house, and gearing up to begin my work week.

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Lisa said...

Wow, you guys are busy! :). At least if you have the baby early then you will be in the right place!
How do you know the Toma family... Seems like a Miege name. I think there was a Toma in my sister's class...