Saturday, September 11, 2010

Speed Bumps or Humps or whatever you want to call them.

Though I took a photo with a sign for a speed bump in the background, I actually cringe when I see these signs. There are speed limits for a reason. I realize that people do not always adhere to these speed limits, but that is why it is so extremely important to teach your children street safety, and keep your pets on leashes. I will not disagree that there are certain situations for which speed bumps are useful. In front of schools, or in parking lots. These are the ONLY places I feel placement of a speed or traffic deterring device is necessary.

I am not a speeder. Perhaps, as the "rebellious" teenager that I was, I had my lead foot moments, but now, I could probably be described as a "grandma-driver". Why should I be punished, have to slow to 15 mph, spill the contents of whatever I am transporting, and destroy the shocks of my vehicle because a few people like to speed? All of my parents' generation managed to survive a bump-free childhood in Prairie Village, Brookside and surrounding areas. Houses still manage to sell for reasonable prices. And yes, pets still get out unleashed, and get hit by cars, but I have seen a dog hit a car going less than 15mph, yes, I said the dog hit the car.

What really got me going on this issue, is not that they are trying to put them in on my street, but because they recently placed 2 speed humps on a 30 mph thru street (which I use, nearly daily). I now feel helpless and that there is no end to this madness. Soon there will not be a single street with a speed limit of 30mph or under without humps! And, I fear the day it goes on a 35mph main road - it's going to happen.

I feel this attitude of always looking outward for a solution to a problem, instead of inward, is crippling. Don't buy a house in a busy area if you can't deal with the situation. Teach your kid to look both ways, twice, before crossing a street. Don't speed.

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The Carnahan Family said...

preach it! I HATE SPEED BUMPS!!! Ruined one of my cars!