Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm on a boat!

Matt has been hinting at the idea of a lake weekend for quite sometime. And by hinting, I mean blatantly asking, when are we going to the lake with your dad and Terry?  They have a nice little, 3 bedroom condo, directly on the water, one staircase away from a pool, 2 wave runners, and a pontoon boat.  So, what better time, than my 2nd of 2 weekends off this month, which coincides with Matt's 29th birthday!?   So, we packed up the 3 boys, on the Friday of my 86 hour work week, and headed to the Ozark's. 
 I'd rather not bore you with the details of a typical lake weekend, cruising on a boat, lazing in the water, drinking beer, eating burgers, working on my freckles, riding a jet ski {for the first time} resulting in a really sore rear end, Brock riding the waves for the first time, and loving it with his wind blown hair, hanging with Pops & Terry, Curtis pointing at every boat that passes by, and the boys seeing a little hummingbird at the feeder off the screened in porch.  No need for me to mention George napping in the pool, and Curtis LOVING to float on a raft in the lake.  Really, I can sum it all up in one statement.  We weren't home 5 minutes before Matt was on the computer looking at lake Real Estate. Seriously, the car was not even unpacked yet.
 Happy 29th Birthday, Matt!  (Maybe in a few years my gift to you won't be a trip to the lake...but a home on the lake...)

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