Friday, July 27, 2012

Pic Stitch

Every once in a while, something comes along that takes my quality of life, happiness, enjoyment, whatever you want to call it, to a whole new, and wonderful level. I could say it was my iPhone, or the iPad that I am currently typing on, because, without them, Pic Stitch might not be as easily accessible, but I am not going to say that. I am going to say the fact is, Pic Stitch has rocked my world. I cannot even tell you the hours I have spent at the computer trying to cut and paste and organize photos into a collage to load them onto this blog or on facebook or make a print to frame in the house. Or the frustration I feel when I want to load a dozen pictures on my blog to show how fun the lake was, but I don't want to inundate it with photos, because I see my blog as more of a photo journalistic product heavier in words than images. Now, I can easily include 4 pictures in one little, perfect square. The more birds you can kill with one stone, the better.

I delight in efficiency. And I delight even more in user-friendly, high quality products that enhance my lifestyle. I recently re-decorated our small downstairs bathroom, and there was no angle that could include even 1/3rd of the changes. But I didn't want to post a bunch of pictures of just a votive, a shower curtain, a hand towel, etc. With this app, I CAN take seperate pictures of many details and put them together to create one image that portrays my story! Or renovations in this case. It doesn't get any more perfect. Or beautiful. Or organized. Or simple. Or satisfying to my picture/blogging OCD self then this.

 I am not sure if there is some unspoken rule about the number of collage photos you can post on facebook or Instagram, but I can almost guarantee you, I will exceed it. Look out Pinterest, my whole house is about to get displayed, room by room, detail by detail. The ideas and uses for this life-altering app are endless. Thank you Apple.

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