Friday, August 31, 2012


In loving memory of:

Genevieve Eileen O'Laughlin

February 14th, 1927 - August 18th, 2012.

I hardly, if even at all, remember the first time I met Genny. Not sure where or when it was, but probably a little over 11 years ago. What I do remember is that, she like the rest of the O'Laughlin clan (that she raised) was so welcoming and excited to have a new face hanging with the family. I remember thinking it was odd that she should care so much to meet me and get to know me, as I was just the silly little girlfriend of a silly little teenage grandson. We must have seemed like such babies to her, but she never indicated that's how she felt. We had a small connection recognized early on, she knew both sets of my grandparents.

Genny always wanted to know how I was doing, what my aspirations were, and congratulated me regularly on my accomplishments throughout the years.  She always listened, asked for updates and loved to stay "in the know".  It wasn't until her recent passing that I realized how little I did know, or how little I had put together about this great woman.  My own grandma often spoke of her, and golfing and boy scouts and other activities they did together. After all, my grandmother had 6 children at St. Peter's and Genny had 5...a few of them were bound to overlap.  And I remember it being mentioned that she got a college degree of some sort late in life.  I knew she was involved in a church over in the ghetto.   I knew she loved the Southwestern art. I caught little bits a pieces over the decade that I knew her, but not until the end did I see it all as one.  These little things I observed and heard, and gathered were not just trivial accomplishments, they were her passions.  She learned Spanish.  She loved gospel singing.  She went para-sailing in her mid 70's.  How dare she ever let me ramble on about the few experiences I have had in my short time here, when she had lived such a full, wonderful, fascinating life, herself.  But, I guess that was Genny.

And though, I don't believe she had a chance to meet little George, who's namesake was her husband, he will forever share her initials: GEO. 

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