Friday, August 17, 2012

Goodnight Moon

Ninety percent of the time, I am the last one in the house to close my eyes at night (Nike might still be up, but she's a cat, they don't count). I lie in bed and smile. I soak up the silence. I take comfort in the peaceful moment just before dozing off myself. I like to believe this stillness signifies that I am doing things right. For this brief second, I am 100% sure that every decision in my life has been the right one. I am sleeping next to the love of my life, in our insanely comfortable bed, underneath the roof of our own house with 3 slumbering baby boys. I am relaxed because I know those babies must feel at ease, safe, loved, since they will not wake up throughout the night, (except for the rare occasion, mostly due to illness.). My parenting skills must be slightly proficient to instill such a sense of security for them.

I love that the dogs know exactly where to go. That Brock sleeps with Giraffee slung over his neck every night. That Curtis has his butt nearly a foot in the air while sucking on his "bpoppi" and snuggling his "banket beear". That George is buried in his zebra with those 2 fingers in his mouth. That tater is under his fleece blanket. That Fannie isn't howling or destroying pillows clothing or toys. That Brock and Curtis happily share a room.  I love all of it.

How can I not smile when these are the conditions I am privy to. Every single night. It is in this moment, and this hour, that I feel not only proud, but blessed as well. Here in the quiet, I give thanks for all that I have. And I don't wish for more. The day is done. I am satisfied with what the day has produced. I can relish in it for a moment.

Soon, I will close my eyes, and wake up to a whole new day of chaos, desires, needy children, dogs and husband. I will strive to accomplish 1000 things in that day. But night will come again. We will all retire. And I will have my one, quiet moment of complete happiness and satisfaction again.

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