Friday, August 24, 2012


The best surprise of my life was George Edward.  Always will be.  I did not plan for him to arrive as early as he did, but I couldn't be happier if I had.  And by early, I mean by a year or so.  I love him.  Every smile, giggle, confused grimace and new silly face he comes up with on a near daily basis.  George turned 6 months a few days ago, and I thought to myself, wow.  I had originally planned to just start thinking about #3 right now.  And number 3 has not only been born, but it now a half year old!

Life with George feels balanced. He fits right in with his big brothers, and is already making raspberries on my belly, turning his head to see the loud motorcycle speeding by, and laughing at fart noises.  He gets kicked in the face, tripped on, hugged too tightly, toys stolen from his grasp, and kissed by 4 different family members hundreds of times a day.  Oh, and let's not forget the open-mouth dog kisses. He loves it.  And, he holds his own.  Third boy = tough as balls.  That kiddo can get where ever he desires, he can crawl in a very uncoordinated way, and it currently attempting to do the bear crawl - probably not the best way to go about it, but, hey, better then sitting still.

All my children have been sitting extremely well, and crawling in some capacity by 6 months.  Brock was pulling up and standing well by this point.  Curtis was full on crawling.  George?  He is some bizarre mix of the 2.  Kind of crawling well, kind of standing, just not sure where he's going to go with all of it, but I can guess he will continue to land in the middle of the Brock-Curtis spectrum and walk right in between his 2 brothers at 12 months. As he is exactly between the 2 in height, at the 75th percentile (Brock was 85th, Curtis 65th).  He is still rockin' the double chin, and I would never describe him as scrawny looking, but he is only an ounce bigger than my skinny mini Brock was, at 17lbs 11oz and trails Curtis by well over a pound.  As I've said before, I think he's just squishy.  Not going to be my muscle man.  Might be Mr. Personality.  And, you can tell, that kid has an opinion about EVERYTHING.  Can't wait for him to start talking.
Happy 6 months, little buddy.

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