Wednesday, May 15, 2013

4.O is half baked.

Just last night, I saw my belly jump. Despite a significant amount of padding, I can feel baby kicking from the outside now too. On our ultrasound last week, the kid never stopped pummeling my bladder with it's huge, muscular looking legs. That kid has some quads. I am now convinced that I did feel this little guy move at 14 weeks. It was also measuring almost a week ahead. Already! At 19 weeks! Let's just say, I am not going to describe this one as dainty. And I am now quite sure 4.O is boy numero quattro. With each pregnancy, I have made some kind of comment about how there is no way this active, constant kicking, gigantic, non-delicate fetus is a girl. A lady just wouldn't act like that. And every time, my mom suggests that maybe its just a big, athletic girl...nope. I guess Mother's intuition is really best. So I am going with my gut, which is getting a beating as we speak, and calling "it" a "him". And I would sincerely appreciate boy's name suggestions. We are plum out of 'em (and maybe lacking in motivation to think about it). If it truly is a boy, he might get named in the hospital, as we are being discharged!!

As for the zero weight gain by 20 weeks, I failed. I am almost up 4lbs! That is a pound a week gain...can not continue happening. At this rate I will be up 24 (which is about right for me), so, starting this week, goodbye carbs. Kind of. Really just need to cut out the ice cream and baked goods. Pick up a bit on the ol' exercise routine. And eat healthier in general. I really, really, really want this baby under 11lbs. Kids and adults alike have unabashedly begun to ask me when I'm due. A few seem somewhat shocked that my answer is so far away...I do kind of look 30 weeks pregnant already.

Brock has been aware of, inquisitive about and affectionate towards this baby from day one. Curtis is just now starting to come around. George is happily oblivious. One thing I do know, is that these boys are a pack. They will gladly accept either gender, but another boy would probably be safest with these three. As for me, I am on the fence about whether this is the last Baby O. (Which, I've been told, if you're not sure, it means you want more. Supposedly you KNOW when you're done. Not sure I believe all that, not sure at all. I might be another Michelle Duggar if we are waiting on that sensation from me.)

At this moment, I just can't complain. Some indigestion and restless legs here and there seem to plague me, but otherwise, we are smooth sailing. Already halfway through. I love that I have Mr. crazy pants in there. Reminds me regularly that it's alive, well, and thriving. I can't help but smile, and look ever so forward to meeting our newest little peanut. Even if the scales do top 11 pounds.

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