Sunday, May 19, 2013

Does it to me every time.

Spring.  The days are getting longer. The weather is nice. It's almost pool season.  Every year, it inspires me, and makes me crazy all at the same time.  Suddenly...

I want to go on vacation. A long road trip, with all my boys. To the beach, or somewhere beautiful.

I want to repave my driveway, and extend it so two cars can park, and create a sidewalk leading to the backyard, where we can hide the ugly trash bins.

I want all new windows, and door, and garage door.

I want to paint the outside of the house.

I want to paint the inside of the house.

I want to go to the pool every day the weather permits.

I want to build the master closet and get all new carpet for upstairs, and change the bannister/half wall thing we have going.

I don't want to work.

I want a puppy.  Or a kitten. Or a bird.  But mostly a puppy.

I want to lose 30 lbs, despite being pregnant.

I want to eat ice cream everyday.

I want to go for a walk every night.

I want to rid my house of every unnecessary item, and have a massive garage sale, in perfect weather.

I want to get away, with just Matt, for 2 nights, before our fourth child arrives.

I want to meet our fourth child.

I want professional, family photos taken that are beautiful, unique and exactly us.

I want to move to a new home, with higher ceilings.

I want to enjoy my family, every minute of everyday.

...but instead, I will spend my entire Summer working.  I work 27 days in a row. Mostly 10-14 hour shifts.  And of the 3 months/92 days that are Summer, I will get 18 of them off, if I am lucky.  And only 4 full weekends.  So, like I have for the past 2 years, I will just spend my lovely Summer wanting, and accomplishing nothing.  With a few days at the pool in between.

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