Wednesday, May 22, 2013

These Boys.

I love my kids. I love them, I love them, I love them.  It's absolutely asinine how much I love and obsess about them.  I sometimes feel a bit bad for smothering them and constantly giving them "ten million kisches" (thought they seem to enjoy it.)  Lately, I could almost bring myself to tears just by thinking about them while at work.  They smile every day.  They laugh every day.  They want cookies, and candy, and ice cream, every day.  They wander the house and in the course of 8 hours can play with every single toy we own.  All they want to do it play.  Play outside. Play on the couch. Hop on pop. Play on the iPad. Play upstairs. Play in the basement. Play, play, play, play, play, play, play!  When I get stressed about work.  When I think I am exhausted.  When I think I am miserable.  They remind me to have no worries.  They help me to enjoy a little piece of life. Every day.  So, with them, I play.  I over indulge in the sweets with them.  I get to enjoy a walk, the park, a book, the hose.

Lately, they are all I think about.  When I fret about the house (see previous post), or a job, or money, or work, I remember, it doesn't matter anymore.  I will sell all my worldly belongings, and move into a cheap, small, rented home, if that's what I would have to do to remain happy and with my kids.  Luckily, as of now, I don't need to, but I could.  What seems so counter-intuitive to many is that my kids are what help keep me stress free.  I am in no way implying that these guys don't create stress for me, in a completely different way, but I am saying in the BIG scheme of things.  When all is said and done.  As long as I have my 3 boys, 4 if you count Matt, and 5 if you count 4.O, and they are all happy/healthy, then I am content.  Better than content. Over the moon.  Smiling. Happy.  I've said it at least thrice before, nothing is more soothing to the soul than a newborn.  A wonderful, fresh, untainted, miracle of a being, newborn.

Just writing about them makes me want to go sneak into their room, and climb into bed to cuddle with little Curty.  And I just might.  They are so beautiful.  Oh, how my heart over flows.

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