Thursday, June 27, 2013

If you can't stand the heat...well, I don't care, I'm gonna make ya.

 As apparent by the photographs, we went blueberry picking.  It was quite humid, not sure that it even hit the 90's, but my boys, Matt included were hot.  And quickly cranky.  Matt claims that they are "a different breed" and that I could not possibly understand.  Which, may be valid, as I ran (literally) about a sixth of a mile back to the van to get the memory cards for the camera and arrived back without having broken a sweat, only to find three red-faced children, and a husband with beads dripping down his face.  This did not stop George from eating every blueberry he found.  Nor did it stop Brock from running a muck.  It did make Curtis a bit non-specific in his berry picking choices, having no discrepancy between green and blue berries. But we really can't be sure that this wasn't more due to the possibility that he is color blind, or to his overall flippant personality.  He's somewhat of a Honey badger (and honey badger's don't give a sh*#.)
 I am just glad we got a cute family photo.  Ate some really fresh, amazing berries.  And enjoyed a family outing, despite my restrictive Summer work schedule.

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