Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Children's Father.

Matt proved to me, yet again, how much he loves me, and his family this morning.  I did not get to bed until a quarter to midnight last evening, after a 14 hour work day, battling a horrific GI bug.  To help me feel better, he delayed going in to work for an hour and a half!  Anyone who knows Matt, knows he is extremely punctual, and rarely lets things interfere with his daily schedule and responsibilities.

When Matt and I first started dating, I think I made fun of him on a fairly regular basis because of the fact that he had received the "Perfect Attendance" award, multiple times throughout his scholarly career.  This was a foreign concept to me, coming from someone who had been called to the principle's office on more than one occasion because of missing too much school.  In my defense, they should have taken my tonsils out by age 5, perhaps then I wouldn't have contracted strep on a monthly basis.  Also, the swimming career didn't help...but who are we kidding, I would have found a way out of school no matter what.  Back to Matt.  I quickly learned that the very things I made fun of him for, were actually the manifestation of some of the traits I most love about him.  Matt is absolutely unmatched in his sense of loyalty, respect and commitment.  I push him to be spontaneous, to "live a little", give in to some of his whims...and he tries.  Is even successful to some degree, but ultimately, he is a slave to his responsibilities.  And I would never hope for this to change.

Because of these traits, his family comes first. Always.  He never, ever complains about having to stay home and take care of his three boys, while I work god-awful hours, on top of working a full time job himself, plus photography on the side.  Recently, a long time friend of his remarked to me, that he was surprised Matt would be OK with so many children, and deal with it so well, as he is somewhat of a "low energy guy".  Which is probably true.  Given the opportunity, I am fairly certain Matt would nap twice a day, everyday.  But nothing will get in the way of him taking care of his children.  These boys have no idea how much their father loves them.  Ok, maybe some idea, especially when he gives them ten million kisches, despite them trying to get away from his scratchy face.

Matt keeps us all sane.  His "low energy" keeps the stress level that I continually try to escalate, at a manageable level.  He shows the boys Kansas City, and all there is to see and enjoy about life.  He goes to work everyday.  He comes home everyday.  He never complains.  Never questions my choices.  Supports our family to the best of his ability.  He has been stretched so thin by the many demands of our family, my career, his career, my goals, his goals, but has never torn.  I could have never imagined a more perfect father to my children.  If Matt and I were in some sort of awful accident, and only one parent could survive, I would pick him. Every time.  I am never more at peace, than when I know my boys are safe with their father.  I've never known anyone more trustworthy, caring, nor responsible.  Most of all, his heart is full of nothing but love.

 Though, I feel I have only touched on the surface of how I truly feel about my Matt.  I will leave you with (in the words of Brock) "I love you so, so, so, so, so, so, so much." Happy 5th Father's Day.

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