Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Not a Hoax.

My close friend Whitney had been talking of throwing a "Think Pink" shower since she found out I was pregnant.  I was uncomfortable with this idea, as from the moment I saw the positive test to the second before I received confirmation via 20 week ultrasound, I was certain 4.O was male.  I had no problem leaving the gender a surprise in the prior three pregnancies. You grow accustom to the idea of not knowing.  It's just such a fun, happy surprise at the end of a long, hard process.  My mentality is that, it's always a good surprise, no matter which way it goes, boy vs girl.  I didn't think, that in your heart, you could ever be disappointed with the end result of a healthy, crying, pink baby.  Until 4.O.
It was a strange thing.  I began having anxiety about the delivery.  Worrying that I might not be equally happy with either result.  People seemed so hopeful it was a girl.  In fact, nearly EVERYONE seemed convinced or at least incredibly hopeful that this 4th O'Laughlin child might be a she. I really wasn't.  I was indifferent and leaning to the male side of the spectrum.  Which made it all the harder to listen to people go on, and on, "reassuring" me that this one was "definitely" a girl. The idea that anyone, most of all myself, might be disappointed with a 4th boy did not sit well.  Therefore, I decided to possibly end the speculation, at least for myself.  Even during the US, I remained hesitant to find out, in fact, I told the sonographer not to tell us, but sure as she laid that probe on my belly, my boy proudly exposed himself.  A boy!!  Honest to God, I felt not even a moment of disappointment.  In fact, I think I felt relief.  A boy is so familiar, easy, sweet, perfect for our family.  Now, having done it both ways, I see advantages to waiting and knowing.  I am at ease.  I still hope for brown hair, brown eyes, and some of my Smith genes.

A boy...great.  I tried, and tried, to convince Whitney that I shower with all girls stuff was a bad idea, without actually coming out and telling her why.  Finally, realizing the endeavor to be futile, (as I was attempting to persuade one of the few people who rival me in stubbornness -in a good way), I decided to tell her I did not want a "Think Pink" shower because 4.O was in fact "Blue".  Days later, we came up with the plan to do a surprise gender reveal at the shower for all!  What ensued, I would have never predicted, but it was a beautiful day, moment, and event with nothing but joy for our soon to be bundle.
Whitney devised a competitive game as a diversion.  The ultimate goal, being to get to the ribbon and pull down the balloons first, to search for a small balloon, with a Target Gift card.  Interestingly, no one cared to search for the Target associated balloon, when they all saw blue balloons and a giant sign shouting "Baby Boy!"  In fact, Meaghan, the first person to dress her baby completely, just stood in shock, repeating "Are we being punked!?"  Confusion ensued.  No one seemed to hear me repeatedly answering their questions with, "Yes. I. Am. Having. A. Boy."  Some laughed, some cried, no one knew if I was being surprised too.  It was chaos.  It was not a hoax.  It was fun.
With all the excitement, I could hardly enjoy the incredible food, supplied by Whitney and co-host, Christin.  She even had Bella Napoli iced coffee.  Mmmm, my fave.  I think 4.O will have enough diapers to supply him until he is a Size 3-4.  And the group got me a new swing (as the one purchased almost 5 years ago has just narrowly survived 3 giant infants, as well as toddlers who seem to think it's fun as well.)  The hosts went above and beyond with adorable decor, diaper cakes and a diaper tricycle.  I genuinely feel spoiled, and loved.  Most of all, the fears that my beloved 4th boy might not be as welcomed as the previous three were absolutely proven irrational.  His arrival will be greeted with nothing but joy, just like his preceding brothers.  And I cannot thank you all enough, for reassuring me that you all are just has happy about another little boy, as we the words of Mimi O'Laughlin, "Welcome to the club".

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Saushan said...

I think that's AWESOME! Congratulations!! You make some darn cute boys. Keep it up!