Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Many Color Days

Dr. Seuss has a book where he uses colors to insinuate and describe moods.  I love this book.  I have read it to the boys' a couple times, and mostly feel it is above their head (as are the messages in a lot of Dr. Seuss books.)  The other night, as we read this book, I got to the brown page, which reads:
"Some days, of course, feel sort of Brown. The I feel slow and low, low down."
 I then look Brock in the eye, and say, "I don't think you have EVER had a day like this."  Brock, who abhors the idea of not knowing/experiencing everything, adamantly states, "Yes I have!"  So I inquire as to when?  He fumbles and mumbles a bit, obviously unable to think of an example, and settles on, "When I was a teeny, tiny baby."  Ok, Brock.  Guess I can't argue there, who knows what kind of days newborns have, I just assume they are all kind of the same, and somewhat stressful...not really Brown though.  The very next page reads:
Then comes a Yellow Day.  And, I am a busy, buzzy bee.
As I am reading this one, I am thinking in my head, ummm, this is EVERY day for Brock.  No sooner do I finish the final sentence, does Brock then emphatically, and ecstatically state, "I have LOTS and lots of those days, mom!"  I just laugh, and agree.  Yes, yes you do Brock.  Since the day he was born, his pediatrician, and our family friend, as well as most any observant bystander, has always described him as "busy". It's funny.  Babies, toddlers, kids seem so very transparent to us, but it turns out, they have significant insight as well. Our little shark, as we call him, (because he behaves as though if he were to stop moving he might die) is fully aware of his busy personality, and embraces it as his own.   Let's just continue to hope, as I always have, that he chooses to use this energy, willpower and insight for good, someday.

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