Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life or Death

Since birth, we have often referred to our third son as "Curious George".  He came into this world nosy, and with the drive to explore.  There conveniently happens to be a cute little monkey in lots of books that shares the name, thus making this title doubly adorable.  Anyhow, this curious nature lands George in many a predicament...or so he thinks.  George being our dramatic, man of many faces, hilariously gets himself into situations he perceives as life threatening, almost daily.   Matt and I, being somewhat laid back on the parenting spectrum, noticed that we have begun to prolong the poor child's terror for a few moments to catch a good shot of the moment between life and death.

We know he has gotten himself into one of these messes by the sound of his blood-curdling screams.  He screams a lot.  One of his screams, I can easily identify as the "I just spotted Zebra-friend" scream.  Another one is the "Curtis just took my toy" scream.  Yet another is the "something is preventing me from getting what I want" scream.  And the last is the "I may die momentarily if someone doesn't come to my rescue" scream.  Which is what he is doing in ALL of these photographs.  Even the last, you can't see his face, but just reference the 3 above and imagine what you might have seen from the other side...
Perhaps, a big contributor to him getting into these predicaments so frequently is actually the fact that George is our third child.  Not only our third child, but the third in less than 4 years with 2 older brothers.  Perhaps it has nothing to do with his personality, and all to do with the fact that we let him wander off, unseen, a little more than we did with his brothers.  Perhaps it's the combination of both.  Whatever it may be, it amuses me.  He has yet to truly get anywhere near a deadly situation, and I don't foresee that happening.  His big brothers are pretty good at tattling.  And George's screams can be heard loud and clear throughout the house (and possibly neighborhood.)  So, keep on exploring, Curious George, and we'll keep photographing it.

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