Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blast from the Past

As I sit here at midnight, trying to kill time so that maybe some more of my food will digest, I peruse my old photo files. (I knew ice cream was a bad idea due to my "gestational lactose intolerance - which I think I made up.) Here were just some of the highlights, all dating sometime in 2005-06.
Alexander at about 6 months of age...umm, have you seen anything so darling!?
Me, at 22 years of, hae you seen anything so sexy?!
Tali at 4 months of age, while she was still the same size as Tater.
Matt and I at the peak of a really, really windy Sunset Mountain, attempting descent for only my third time in life, on our first true vacation together.

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Maggie said...

I love all of your pics, and your dillegence to update your blog so frequently. Many of my blogs have not been updated lately! I do believe that gestational lactose intolerance does exist - although mine was more like gestational yogurt intolerace, and lactose intolerance before noon.

I love the puppy you found, his coloring looks like a furry Wally!