Monday, March 23, 2009

4 Months Today!

Brock turned 4 months old today, and I took my very last quiz ever in med school! Now just a couple more finals and practicals and it's board study time...woo hoo! Since there aren't too many exciting landmarks to report on, I'll just mention a few fun little observations.

(1) We most likely have a thumb-sucker on our hands. We try to get him to take a paci - won't have anything to do with them. I try to pull the thumb out, but he just thinks it's a game and puts it right back in his mouth as fast as he can. I mean, the instant you lay him on the changing table, the thumb goes straight to the mouth! Not too happy about this, you can take away a pacifier, you can't (ethically) cut off a thumb.

(2) Brock is attempting to sit on his own, but he is a bit too squirmy, a bit lacking in abdominals and a bit lacking in coordination, but he's got plenty of time to figure that one out.

(3)He laughs, a lot, at everything. This was my one hope, I really wanted a giggly baby. (I may or may not spend my entire day coaxing the child to laugh though...)

(4) His habit of going at his fingers, or your fingers, or Stewie like a rabid dog has worsened.

(5) He is filling out - finally.

(6) He fights sleep, more often then not. He takes little cat-naps all day leaving me very unproductive, but sleeps 8+ hours 5-7 nights a week. So, I'll take it!

(7) The position he is happiest in; standing and facing outward - especially with dogs in view.

Finally, here are 2 videos: the first is "Father Son Balancing Act", the second is "Giggles at What?" (thanks for the toy, Maggie)


christin said...

Bra has abs of steel.

I love that Erin's laugh sounds like a cartoon near the end.

I have only watched this video about 10 times today. Gets funnier every time.

Maggie said...

The standing video is hilarious! I love it because that is totally something Adam would do and my mom would freak out and say we aren't being safe. blah!

Do you have an exersaucer/jump-er-oo or something - if he loves to stand outwards, he will love those kind of toys! That is a lot like Aiden!

thanks for all the updates, love them!


Margaret said...

Seriously, you guys look like you're having so much fun as parents. What a cute/happy/giggly family! love the videos- yeah MAC!