Monday, March 30, 2009

Battle of the In-laws

Matt and I realized a few months ago, that every Sunday we expect a phone call from either my mother or his, inviting us to dinner. This has been going on, probably since before we got married. Surprisingly, there seems to be a natural tendency for them to call every other weekend, thus avoiding the horrid task of declining. But, in the last couple months, the rhythym got thrown off, and we got double invites a few weekends in a row. We then noticed that the invite call started coming earlier and earlier. Thus, beginning the battle of the in-laws for Sunday dinner. If we haven't recieved a call by 3 in the afternoon, we both get a bit panicky. Are we not going have family dinner tonight!? Which families' turn is it? One time, we even hosted dinner - crisis averted.

I mention this Sunday tradition, because I think this plays a giant role in my overly positive attitude toward being a new parent. My complete lack of stress, my constant elation, and my new, proud identity as a mother are due to the fact that I get out of the house, whenever I want or need. I have a huge family that loves, and scoops up Brock the instant he arrives. I have never had to reach a breaking point of exhaustion or frustration, there is always someone I trust and more importantly, willing to help, within reach.  (Also, due in part to Brock's habit of sleeping from 9:45pm - 6:45am almost every night.)

My supportive friends is a new post all in its, thank you all.


Maggie said...

What a perfect battle to have. I'm so jealous!!!

I can't even imagine how amazing it is to have so much family (and friends) so close. You are a lucky family!

Kristy said...

haha...that is so funny. It is a great dilemma to have!

The picture of Brock is so cute!! He is such a clown!!!