Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I just dropped a pretzel down my shirt.

The first photo is what happens when I put Matt in charge of dressing the baby. As if the name "Brock" didn't already put him in the running for fraternity president, that outfit about sealed the deal. I'd like to also add, from my observation, perhaps boys secretly wish they had dolls to dress up as children, and this manifests in adulthood with their own child's appearance (or maybe I have a girlish husband?)

The 3rd photo is Brock blowing out the candles for his 16 week birthday. No, we did not really celebrate that landmark, the real story is that my 24 year old sister "loves" birthday candles and will use any excuse to light them. The cake is leftover from a wedding she worked this past weekend.

Congrats to Meaghan 'Brown' Hagenhoff. She is due May 28th with her first little one. She attended grade school and high school with me. Her friend Katie Houlehan (a former grade school basketball rival of mine) put on a nice little shower at Brio on the Plaza.

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Maggie said...

I think Brock looks adorable! Although, I do like the polo shirts vs. onesies so there is no tight tuck-in.

He is such a cutie pie wearing anything!