Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Hair

Brock's first professional haircut was entirely too stressful for me, and not because of any sentimental reasons, purely environmental. I have vowed never to travel to Olathe, Kansas EVER again (ok, Taco Via being the one and only exception.)
As I hope I have conveyed by this point, Brock is a highly active, very squirmy, independent (nice way of saying stubborn) baby. Needless to say, trimming his hair has been a challenge. I did not foresee any normal stylist having any better luck, so I sought out the kid hair specialists. You know, the places that have fire trucks or ponies for chairs? The exact kind of place I typically despise, because they are over-priced, obnoxious and in locations like Olathe; but I realize there is something to be said for experience. So, with my sister in tow, we make the trek all the way out to "Shear Madness", only to encounter a completely backed up highway, and then, unrelated to the highway mess, a huge wreck. Then in order to get into the shopping center where this establishment was supposedly located, we had to take at least 4 left turns, getting stopped at multiple, 5 minute stoplights only to find that this place does not exist. At least not to the naked eye. So we venture to the 4 other neighboring shopping centers without luck. And finally settle on "Fantasic Sam's". I need not mention there are at least 10 "Fantastic Sam's" with in a 5 mile range of my own house, no need to travel 20 miles to one..., in conclusion, I still ended up having to hold the kid in my lap while trying keep a death grip on him. We got hair all over me, my new boots, and Brock. And they didn't even have a lint roller. Ahhh!


Maggie said...

Is one of these the "after" pic? I never thought his hair was terribly long, but I didn't know if he got a true "big boy" haircut, or a trim.

Sounds like a nightmare - I'm sorry you had to go through that for his first. Aiden is still relativly hairless at 20months, I've only done a mullett trim while he was sitting in his high chair last August!

Maggie said...
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