Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winning the Race

The particular approach I have chosen for determining my future career as a physician, is not unlike the approach I used in choosing a spouse. First, and foremost, do I enjoy their company? If yes, proceed, if no, stop right there. Second, after spending a significant amount of time with them, do I still enjoy their company? If yes, proceed, if no, stop right there. Now, that I have had enough time to observe, what annoying habits do they possess? If these habits are tolerable, proceed, if one of them is not, stop right there. (I don't care what wonderful, amazing characteristics they possess, reality is, we live in a society that leans on the negative side, so it's the bad or intolerable habits that produce ultimate demise.)

So, now that I know: 1. I enjoy their company, even after many hours, days, years, etc and 2. Their "bad" habits are tolerable. I can safely reason that long term survival as a couple is very probable. And I truly feel, anyone can find multiple people (or medical specialties) that fit these criterion. So, there is one more question you must ask to not only solidify the final decision, but to guarantee a partner that will make life far more wonderful than just tolerable. A question that will demonstrate why you would rather live life with someone else and deal with all the compromises rather than fly solo. And that question is: do they inspire you? If yes, proceed, if no, try again.
Thus, upon using the aforementioned standards, it appears that my worst fear is materializing: Obstetrics and Gynecology is winning the race. This has been my favorite rotation, by far. Everyday I leave the hospital invigorated, instead of exhausted. True, the creation of life [should be] inspiring for anyone with a pulse, but looking beyond that incredible aspect of the field, I am left with daily procedures and surgeries that I find to be very tolerable. I am frustrated with my lack of skill and the fact that I don't know more, as well as curious to learn all the in's & out's of the field. At this point I find OB/Gyn tolerable and inspiring, all that's left is more time to get to know it.

Why is this my worst fear, you ask? Residency for an OB/Gyn compared to say, a Pathologist, is a tidbit more rigorous and time consuming. And I REALLY love my family.


Gretchen said...

Hey, Erin! I really enjoyed that post! You are a great writer too! Hope your family is great. I miss KC greatly, and I can't wait to talk to you soon! Give Brockstar and Matt a kiss from Aunt Gretch!


sheltonfamily said...

I felt the same way after OB/GYN and actually interviewed at KU. However after many hours contemplating the hours involved during residency, which didn't become much better afterwards from the many OB/GYNies I know, made me reconsider. This year is realizing what you love and where it fits into your expected goals for you and your family. Ultimately you are the only one that can make that decision. Ask the residents questions and ask many more questions about why they chose their specialty and what they don't like. In addition, talk to others that changed out of a said residency to help guide your decision making process.

Good luck. This year is mostly learning about yourself!