Friday, January 1, 2010

2010. As busy and funfilled as ever:


May 22:
Kathleen & Pat {Saysoff}
Andrea & Matt {Soles}
Lara & Vince {Bennett}

June 12:
Susan & Jon {Aguirre}
Julie & Jerod {Eller}

June 26:
Anne & Mike {Wind}
Emily & Charles {Bush}

July 16:
Lauren & Brad {Cockrell}

August 7:
Emmy & Marty {Rice}

September 18:
Cami & Eric {Shaumburg}

October 9:
Emily & Brad {Griffith}

June 4, 2011:
Lauren & Tommy {Houts}


Congrats to...
...Kirk and Jessica MIddleton on Harper born January 7th.
...Kelly & Tom Boling on Trey born March 9th.
...Jerod & Julie Eller on Jude born March 17th.
...Meaghan & Brian Hagenhoff on Teddy born June 1st.
...Justin & Lauren Torpey on Kevin born June 17th.

...Angela & Travis Price on Riley born June 25th.
...Ryan & Ashley Toma on Addison born June 23rd.

...Jim & Lisa Stuart on Janie born June 23rd.
...Ashley & Brian Ascencio on Lainey born July 12th.
...Charlene & Jason Butcher on Brandon born August 26th.
...Courtney & Patrick Vogtner on Anna Grace born September 30th.
...Catherine Rieke & Jason Pettus on Alice born September 23rd.
...Vanessa & Joe Harris on Marley born October 25th.
...Whitney & Robby Arthur on Bobby born October 30th.
...Us on Curtis born November 5th.

...Beth and Chris Ingram on Finn born November 6th.
...Anna & Blair on Baby Johnson due in December.

...Megan and Pat on Baby LaBuhn due in February 2011.
...Emily and Mark on Baby Rademacher due in March.
...Kim and Keith on Baby Placke due in March.

*I kind of feel like I am missing something/someone if you feel left out, for some reason, let me know!

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