Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where was Easter!?

Despite having a husband who claims to be a budding photographer, I some how managed to only receive ONE photo from Easter. And this photo wasn't even taken by Matt! It was sent to me that day by my ever so considerate father-in-law. Why didn't I take matters into my own hands and take the photos myself, you ask? Because the boys were in St. Louis while I was stuck in Kansas City pulling shifts at Children's Mercy Hospital.

I did get a chance, however, to join my side of the family in the afternoon for some Easter festivities. And was joined by my boys en route from the Lou. During this visit at my Aunt Maliea's, Brock proved yet again, that boys will be boys...

...surprise, surprise that on Easter, at an Easter celebration, Brock found a piece of foil-covered chocolate. Upon getting said chocolate in his possession, he insistingly shoved it in my mother's hand indicating to her that he wanted it opened. Then proceeded to stand in front of her impatiently, rocking back and forth, hand outstretched, making sure it was abundantly clear that not only does he want that piece of chocolate, he wants it RIGHT NOW. And right when he was on the verge of verbally exclaiming his frustration at how long it was taking (we all know how those foil-covered eggs can be, taking off the thin aluminum piece by piece) a loud revving engine could be heard out in the front yard. Chocolate egg immediately forgotten and abandoned. Guess a 4-wheeler is more exciting. Even though he has never, ever been on one, and only been near one at the 4th of July as an 8 month-old. Like I said, it's in their blood.

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