Friday, April 16, 2010

A Happy Post.

So, I am 11 weeks along, and I feel like I have done nothing but give Baby 2.0 negative press. Let me clear the air. I am ecstatic for this new addition! Really, I am. At our 8 week doctor's appointment, we got a sonogram, and wow. Really, nothing is more amazing and delightful than seeing your baby's heart beating, and to see it is growing and that it is the perfect size. I had at one point wondered if the amazement would diminish with number 2? It doesn't. In fact, the only thing that has changed with this one is my lack of fear for the labor part. I just know this one will not be 27 hours long, and it will go smoothly. My comment from oh so many months ago still stands, I will take a day of labor any day over 9 months of pregnancy. (Darn it - those negative thoughts still eek'd their way into the post.)

If there is one positive I can take from all the yucky first trimester/first half of pregnancy symptoms, it is that I get to start off the pregnancy in the negatives as far as weight gain! I am at -5 lbs currently. At this point, I think my final weight might be 10 lbs under where I was with Brock by delivery. Only time will tell. And trust me, the minute I start enjoying food again (if that ever happens) the pounds will start piling on, I have no doubt. Also, a new development this week: I have waves of nausea-free moments throughout the day! I'd say lately I get about 2-3 composite hours of normalcy. Let's hope this just keeps expanding from here on out (no pun intended).

Oh, and I can't really speak for him, but Matt seems to be really, really excited about the baby as well. And I really can't speak for him, but Brock seems to be clueless about it...


Anonymous said...

Congrats Erin and Matt! Hang in there Smitty! We will have to chat again sometime soon!
-Liz =)

Maggie said...

Thats awesome guys, I'm so excited for you. Maybe in a few weeks, or even days, you won't feel so icky!