Friday, August 27, 2010

30 weeks

What better way to celebrate turning 30 weeks than heading to the Chief's pre-season opener (better if they'd won, I guess)? Me, my sister Leah, her beau Neal, and my brother Timothy all joined the baby using my dad's season tickets. When taking my side view photo, some guy yells, "Hey, I can do that too!" Umm, no, actually you can't. You're a man. And, in my opinion, no one should be proud of the ability to look pregnant when not...perhaps, that's just me, though.

Baby 2.O continues to remind me of its presence, nearly constantly, with movements. Sometimes a spastic fit, sometimes a slow roll, sometimes a foot jutting straight out my abdomen, sometimes the hiccups, sometimes jumping on my bladder, and most painfully, sometimes by stretching out while lying horizontal and pushing on both of my sides just below the ribs. Also, another way in which this pregnancy is identical to Brock's, I failed the 1 hour glucose test and had to take the 3 hour. Let's hope I pass the second like I did with Brock...I'd rather not have to think about everything I eat.

Sleep is slowly becoming more and more difficult, for a multitude of reasons. The indigestion (for which I have switched medications to "the big guns" - Protonix), the RLS, the leg cramping, the waking to pee and the general discomfort all combine to provide a challenge that not even our Simmon's pillowtop can overcome.

On a positive note, I AM 30 weeks! That means [hopefully] less than 10 weeks until we get to meet our little nugget of love. I think the fact that I can nearly discern every body part when pushing on my tummy, makes me even more excited to meet the lil' one. I just know something perfect and wonderful is cooking in there. I bought a little somthin' for 2.O for the first time today, just a onesie and a hat - it was too cute and tiny to resist. I also bought a "Big Brother" t-shirt for Brock (I almost purchased the matching newborn onesie that said, "Lil Brother", but quickly caught myself realizing, it might not be a boy...)Without planning it, Leah and I wore identical outfits - mine being the maternity version. Target ribbed v-neck, Gap dark denim ankle jeans, and Old Navy simple flip-flops!!


Ashley Hall said...

You're one of those pregnant gals who is all belly and doesn't gain anywhere else...curse you! Kidding!

Also, I'm sure you already know this, but sometimes eating bananas helps with the leg cramps.

bankmeister said...

1) Cute photo.
2) Not looking forward to my better half going through that sleep deprivation.
3) Not important, but worth noting that it was the Chiefs pre-season opener.
4) I can't believe you started this thing up within two months of when I started mine. Funny
5) You were in Denmark? Recently?