Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Brock Thomas.

Two years ago, today, Brock made Matt and I THE HAPPIEST parents. Though it was a long, awful, hard, labor (after which I turned to Matt and said, "Hope you don't mind having an only child" - right) it was worth every 27 hours. To be as cliche as possible, I have to say, he has done nothing but bring joy to our lives. Well, I probably shouldn't say "nothing but", he does a lot more than bring joy, but I only think about the joy when I reflect on our last 2 years. I worried that a 2nd child might steal too much attention from our firstborn, but Brock would never let that happen! He is the same lovable, curious, inquisitive, adorable little boy that we welcomed on November 23rd back in 2008, plus some other fun things. I enjoy hearing him talk and attempt to imitate everything we say. Apparently, I like to exaggerate - who knew? This is evidenced by the fact that one of Brock's favorite phrases is: "all day". Ha! Whenever I have been doing something, such as studying, cleaning, cooking, running errands, I probably tell Matt I have been doing them "all day."
To celebrate, we invited only immediate family (grandparents, cousin, aunts and uncles). Turns out keeping the gathering small was a really good thing. We had to wake him from a nap to join the party, which resulted in a grumpy little birthday toddler. Though, I must say, his volatile temper was a perfect example of a 2 year old. We enjoyed Brock's favorite foods: hot dogs, mac n' cheese, tater tots, guacamole, and veggies dipped in ranch-he really just likes to lick the ranch off of celery sticks.
We concluded dinner with opening gifts. Brock was only mildly interested in this, so xander kindly helped. Then moved on to "decorate your own cupcakes"-again, Brock just likes the sprinkles, so he literally ate spoonfuls of sprinkles.
Finally, the kiddos got to play with the new toys. Though the little, wooden travel car kit was a hit, I think they really enjoyed jumping for balloons the most. Curtis really just observed, but hey, we try to make him feel included.

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