Monday, November 1, 2010

More Doorbell!

So, MY dreams of being a woman in labor for Halloween were dashed, but I think all of Brock's dreams came true...candy, candy, and more candy.I should have anticipated that he would love this holiday. All along, I kind of thought, eh, he's not even 2, he won't care to get dressed up and go door to door. WRONG! Like most toddlers, Brock will do just about anything for candy. As soon as he got the hang of it, he would leave each house saying, "mo' doorbell?" What I found most amusing, is that, previous to trick-or-treating, Brock refused to wear his stethoscope and surgeon's cap, but as soon as he realized that dressing up got him candy, he gladly grabbed the props everytime we headed out the door - only to immediately remove them upon returning home. And we left and came home multiple times, because we had to visit 2 sets of grandparents, as well as, go door-to-door on our own street.We also met up with Annora and Alexander to trick-or-treat in the Brookside shopping center. Never again. Way too overwhelming. As I have mentioned before, Brock shares my anxiety issues with overly crowded, disorganized places. Also, the fact that the baby I am carrying felt as though is could fall out did not help the experience - for me, anyway. Nothing beats going house by house...though, around here, it seems to be a fading tradition.

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