Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Unveiling:



So, after living in the house for nearly 5 years, and beginning construction (or destruction) of the master bath nearly 2 years ago, it is finally done. (Minus towel bars, and a toilet paper holder).

Most of the construction was done by my Uncle Tommy. The tile was all my choosing and design. The lighting was all Matt, and the rest was a joint decision. Only in Kansas City could Matt and I have pulled off this grandiose bathroom at this stage in our lives. I have an uncle as a contractor. A father who does glass ~ the shower was free! A cousin who works at a granite and stone showroom ~ we got all tile at cost. A ex-ish brother-in-law who does electrical. And a good friend who's father owns a plumbing supply company (which we forgot about and didn't take advantage of until the end).

As for the specs. It is a 6 foot, 10 jet Jacuzzi. The tile surrounding the tub is a honed marble. The rest is travertine. The accent piece has bits of glass and matching marble tiles. The vanity is some European thing we found online. The shower has 6 shower heads - ridiculous, I know.

All I know, is I am REALLY glad that I can brush my teeth upstairs again. And shower upstairs, for the first time ever since living here!

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Lisa said...

Jealous!!!! :) You deserve it though, it's like your own mini-spa!