Saturday, January 1, 2011

The 2011 List

Congrats to...
...Ben and Lindsay on Zoey Reed Smith, born on January 4th: 7 lbs 1 oz.
...Megan and Pat on Caroline Michelle LaBuhn born on February 9th: 9lbs 5oz.
...Kim and Keith on Tagen Evangiline Placke born on February 27th: 8lbs 5oz.
...Emily and Mark on Johanna Rose Rademacher born on March 6th: 8lbs 7oz.
...Sarah and David on Benjamin David Walsh born on March 8th: 7lbs 11oz.
...Kara and Bart on Matthew Edward Hoolehan born on April 14th: 7lbs 14oz.
...Bridget and John on Claire Anne Cessar born on April 18th: 7lbs 8oz.
...Molly and Matt on Kaitlin Jean Groebe born on May 11th: 5lbs 11oz.
...Shae and Ricky on Jacqueline Amelia Paradise born on July 31st: 6lbs 3oz.
...Chrissy and Mike on Nicholas Knopke born on August 1st.
...Jessica and Kirk on Jude Kearney Thomas Middleton born on August 7th: 7lbs 9oz.
...Jerod and Julie on Max Weston Eller born on August 10th: 7lbs 13oz.
...Erin and Adam on Nolan Michael Schaum born on September 14th:7lbs 15oz.
...Robin and Brent on Charlie Harris born on September 28th: 5lbs 15oz.
...Errin and Craig on Camden Robert Weisman born on October 5th: 7lbs 15oz.
...Kathryn and Andrew on Adelaide Janette Carnahan born October 14th: 7lbs 11oz.
...Meaghan and Brian on Mary Kathleen Hagenhoff born on November 3rd: 8lbs 1oz.
...Ashley and Daniel on Leah Avery Hall born on November 29th: 7lbs 10oz.
...Emily and Charles on Henry Thomas Bush born on December 11th: 7lbs 10oz.

Save the dates for...
Eric and Laura {Linebarger}, April 9th.
Morgan and Drew {Elmore}, May 21st.
Tommy and Lauren {Houts}, June 4th.
Pat and Lauren {Amey}, September 24th.
Kathy and Gregg {Arnold}, October 1st.
Lauren and Tom {Zellner}, TBA.

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