Monday, January 17, 2011

Where da Elmo Go?

For the LONGEST time, Matt and I were sure Brock was not only obsessed with his elbows, but also confused by the fact that he cannot really see them all that well, or something? Because, periodically, without rhyme nor reason, he would say, "where da elmbo go", phonetically speaking. Then, one day, as Matt was tooling around on the internet, he came across an image of Sesame Street's Elmo, and Brock went nuts! Elmo! So, turns out, he does not have some bizarre fascination with his elbow, but Matt and I have been depriving him of his one and only television star interest...

...therefore, to make it up to him, Matt took him to see Elmo Live at the Sprint Center. This is the first time we have actually purchased tickets to an event solely targeted to Brock. This, coupled with the father-son bonding time, made it abundantly clear that Brock is now a little kid. He is enjoying little kid things. He has a favorite TV character (Elmo), a favorite TV show (Wonder Pets), and a few favorite books (Peedie, Are You My Mother? and Goodnight Moon). He will sit for meals with us, and can help retrieve things (pacifier) for Curtis. He can very nearly tell us anything with actual words. I expect Curtis to be growing, developing and changing at lightening speed as a 10 week old, but the fact that Brock, at 26 months is doing this as well blows my mind. I think the oldest will always do nothing but shock and amaze me. Sorry 2.O, but I've most likely seen it before.

I must mention, seeing it all before does not make it any less CUTE! Everyday, Curtis looks more and more like his big brother. Though his eyes aren't as bugged, they are just as bright and interested in the world. Curtis giggled from a ticklish chin (like his dad, yes, Matt still to this day has a ticklish chin) for the first time on January 7th. He then began reaching for the froggy on his carrier on the 9th, and hasn't looked back. He particularly enjoys awkwardly reaching for my mouth, and is so out of control with this motion that it almost appears as if he is violently raking my face. Everyday is something new with these boys, and THAT is the only thing I hope never changes.

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Ashley said...

How did he do at the show? I seriously debated taking Dominick and then thought we would be sitting so far away from Elmo that he would lose interest after 10 min. I hope he has a slightly longer attention span next year so we can go.