Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things I love. Right now.

Just like every decade has its' own set of fads, I realize every year has a slight shift in fads for myself. It dawned on me, it would be kind of fun to have a record of when it was I obsessed over certain foods, shows, movies, music, restaurants, activities, etc. So, that will be my New Year's resolution for my blog (which will probably be continually updated as I think of things to add.) So, here are this past year's obsessions:
  1. Caramel Lattes with skim milk (I refuse to call them "nonfat" or "skinny" & not sure this qualifies as a fad because I doubt it will ever change. But I am saying there is a chance).
  2. Indian Food.
  3. Dexter.
  4. Kettle Corn...well, maybe just popcorn in general.
  5. Red Wine.
  6. Or maybe I should just say eating popcorn, drinking red wine and watching Dexter all together.
  7. Genghis Khan, D'Bronx, Mr. Gyros, Taco Via and The Mixx.
  8. There Will Be Blood, Inception and Elmo (do my kid's obsessions count as my own??)
  9. Letter Press.
  10. Running.
  11. Lady Gaga.
  12. Buffalo Chicken (Pizza, dip, wings, etc.)
  13. The Evo.
  14. Photography.
  15. Talking about, shopping for, and attempting to organize my house. Entirely.
  16. Costco, Baby Gap and Target.
  17. Fried Dumplings and Donuts (not together).
  18. Leggings, boots and long sweaters/tees. Or shorts, tanks and Summer dresses with strappy sandals.
  19. Christian Bale (even if he is an ass), Daniel Day Lewis and Natalie Portman.
  20. I feel Brock, Curtis and Matt are a given, but thought I should mention them.

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Ashley H said...

My own list...
1. diet coke
2. mexican food.
3. Weeds.
4. Dark chocolate. Which I hated as a child. But I actually prefer it to milk chocolate now. Except that it can't be more than 54% dark, lol. The real dark stuff is bitter!
5. sweet tea
6. facebook
7. Whole Foods.
8. Saturday Night Live. Why does no one watch this anymore? 36 seasons and still going strong.
9. PBS.
10. Neil Patrick Harris.
11. Lady Gaga.
12. cheese
13. netflix instant queue
14. Crafting. Just making something, even if it turns out fugly.
15. Thinking about baby numero 2 and planning for it.
16. Victoria Secret PINK boyfriend pants...aka baggy girl sweat pants. They go on every night after work. They don't get washed nearly enough.
17. cooking/baking. Trying new recipes.
18. reading. mostly children's books. its more his obsession really.
19. Dominick J.