Friday, January 28, 2011

Hairy Chest?

For Curtis' baptism on the 23rd, we kept things very simple, quiet and small. When Brock was baptized, we had way too many people. He was stressed out, I was stressed out, it was crowded. With Curtis, as it has been for everything, things were much more chill. I happily got my happy baby dressed in the traditional white gown, that has been worn by no less than what, 20 Harris' (Mimi's side of the O'Laughlin clan)? We sat and listened to the priest and the ceremony, as Curtis gnawed on my hand or his. Curtis just stared intently at Father Rush as he got christened, and blessed.

All the meanwhile, I watched the other family, as the first time mom behaved exactly as I had 2 years prior with Brock. Pacing the floor, trying to keep baby happy, looking slightly disheveled, the kiddo cried the entire time at the baptismal font; a memorable, but not so relaxing event for them. Curtis has allowed me to see how child birth, nursing, raising a newborn and joining the church community can be a beautiful, amazing, and relatively uneventful thing. And, as I always knew it was, my favorite childhood rhyme may be true:

First is the worst.
Second is the Best.
Third is the Nerd with the Hairy Chest.

(To a degree anyway, I would never describe my little Brocky as the "worst" just busy, and let's really hope the "hairy chest" part is NOT true, or we might be stopping at two.)

As for the Godparents, we went against our original qualifications and allowed a non-Catholic for Curtis' Godmother. For this, she must over compensate and be the best Godmother EVER, I hope she realizes this... But seriously, Gabe and Christin have been very good friends and involved with Brock and now Curtis' lives extensively. We are lucky to have them around, so we thought we would trap them into feeling obligated to remain close by connecting them to our child in front of the Lord. Also, Curtis was born on their 5 year wedding anniversary, therefore, it was destined. Slowly, we are building a fun and beautiful Godfamily - Beth and Jon included!

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