Saturday, March 26, 2011


In conclusion to the previous post: Brock has become a "real boy". A hilarious little boy at that. This is best exemplified by his general behavior this evening. First, Curtis was getting a little upset because it was time for his evening nap, so I asked Matt where his paci was. Brock heard the word "paci" got really excited, yelled something about "his paci", then ran away. Now, it is important to remember that Brock has NEVER enjoyed the comforts of a binky, therefore, this behavior is completely random and unusual. As he dashed out of the room, Matt yelled to remind him that he doesn't have nor like pacifiers. A few seconds later, Brock sauntered back into the room, sucking on the hill-billy, buck-toothed pacifier gifted to Curtis as a joke, as if this was a very common and normal thing for him to do...seriously. Can 2 year olds be purposefully comedic already?
Then, around 6pm, he began begging to go "bye bye". (He has his mother's propensity toward cabin fever - we really can't stay in the house all day.) When his first attempts to get us to leave failed, he began giving us specific suggestions, such as, "I want to go to the store?", "go outside?" and though he didn't mention this one this time, it's not uncommon for him to suggest "starbuck?" Eventually, Matt realized he needed something from the hardware store and informed Brock that his wish was granted he can leave with him. Upon hearing the words, 'let's go bye bye', Brock jumped up, exclaimed, "my boots!" and began frantically searching for his newish yellow, rubber rain boots that he has maybe worn a total of...once. So, they proceeded to go to the hardware store, where Brock ran around in his yellow rubber boots, without socks. He disappeared from sight for a moment, only to reappear with a bag of candy that he thrust toward his father, and asked, "M and M's?"

In summary: my oldest baby boy asked to leave, inappropriately dressed himself, and manipulated his parents into giving him something he did not need, but wanted. Sounds like a little kid to me. I would like to add that I had my true "aha moment" on this topic, at the mall a couple nights ago when Brock saw a line of candy machines, and ran up to me and specifically asked for money. Yup, you heard that right, he said, "money, mama?" and proceeded to stick his cute little hands in my jean pockets to search for loose change!

Stop growing up! Pretty soon you are no longer going to think I am the most amazing person you have ever known. You will stop relying on me for anything. And you will think I am weird and annoying...

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