Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Group

How has the 'Baby Group' managed to meet 4 times before I finally blogged about it!? Every holiday a small group of my fellow 2001 St. Teresa's High School grads meets with our 2010 babies (plus Brock, '08 and Henry '09). In fact, 4 of us went to Visitation grade school, and as of now, there is a chance all of our kiddos will go to Visitation as well! When I say that Kansas City borders on incestuous - I mean it.

The first event, and idea, was held by Courtney Vogtner, currently the only member with a daughter, Anna Grace. I hosted the Christmas meeting. Whitney Arthur, mother of Bobby (Curtis' bff) hosted a Valentine's party. And Meaghan Hagenhoff held the latest St.Patty's day event. Where I brought a surprise guest - a photographer (Matt)! Honestly, the day usually turns out to be quite chaotic. We all just try and keep our babies happy, dry and fed. While hoping that Brock and Henry aren't off causing too much trouble or destroying anything. Amidst all of that, we get in a bit of gossiping, and bit of advice/child rearing suggestions. You know, compare some notes. Show off our rapidly developing childrens' newest tricks. I usually get shown a couple rashes or asked a few medical type questions. And then we all part for nap time.
It's extremely hard to get 5 babies to pay attention to one person, and all be happy, and all look in one direction. We take a group picture of these days they will learn! But the order from left to right is: Bobby, Curtis, Teddy, Finn and Anna Grace.

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Margaret said...

Oh my goodness! This is the cutest group ever!!!