Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Orangecots and Apple Hot Sauce

Now that Brock is two and a third years old, every book says he will be learning up to 10 words a day. Increasing his vocabulary by nearly 500 words or so by age three. What they don't tell you, is which words he will choose to repeat, what words he will remember, in what context he will use them, or that this process will make you, your friends, your family all laugh, hysterically, on a very regular basis.

Yesterday, Matt had a job interview. Therefore, I went to get Brock out of bed, instead of his father, as has been customary for the past few weeks. When I walked in, he instantly, in a very adorable, concerned 2 year old fashion asked, "Where's dada!?" I explained that his father was getting dress for an interview. A few moments later, as I am changing Brock's diaper, Matt walked in the room, all shaved and dressed in a suit. And then, "Ooooh, look cute." Really? Cute? I think he was probably going for a simple "good" or "professional", but hey, cute works too.

Also, as we are in the throws of March Madness, Brock can easily identify and pronounce the name of the sport of basketball. What he hasn't figured out is all the different teams and cheers, therefore, whenever a game is on, he yells, "Go Duke!" and "let's go, baby." I believe a certain great uncle may have provided some speech coaching...

Brock has also learned that NO ONE can resist it when he walks up to them and specifically addresses them by saying, "hold me hand, [insert name]." NO ONE. Usually, this leads to him taking your hand and guiding you to a food cabinet to try and obtain some candy, fruit snacks or "my choices". Apparently, my tactic to always present him with 2 or 3 choices that ARE NOT candy, has led him to believe that "my choices" are an actual thing.

He has also discovered the meaning of "right now". Though his use of these words is technically correct 100% of the time, it is not always necessary or appropriate, which makes it hilarious. My favorite use thus far: "I need chocolate, right now, momma". Really, Brock? You need chocolate right now? Or what? What will happen if you don't get chocolate right now? And where did you even learn the word chocolate!? I generally refer to chocolate candies by their brand name.

When he gets on the phone, he consistently tells the recipient, "good day, today". Also, when fake talking on the phone, he likes to describe to the receiver exactly what it is I am doing..."mommy doing dishes". He, of course, repeats like a parrot. This would be the perfect age to recreate those "Pearl" videos. Brock is young enough to still look and sound like a baby toddler, but has the pronunciation of most words down. Seriously, that little voice of his is adorable, so stnkin' cute! But seeing as Brock doesn't even have the attention span to finish a little cup of apple hot sauce, attempting a short video is ludacris.

PS - he pronounces the letter 'O' as "hoe"!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, gets me everytime.

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