Thursday, July 7, 2011

One step closer...

I said this so often with Brock, and things are no different the second time around. Babies just have spurts. They literally wake up one day and are a whole new person. I remember Brock doing this right at 7 months. Curtis is lagging a bit and had his growth spurt at 8 months. But it's identical! Seriously, they both even got the same bottom tooth during this phase!
Curtis thinks he is some kind of hot shot because he can crawl anywhere, and pull himself up onto anything. His curiosity has increased 10-fold due to this increased freedom of movement. Yet, getting down...well, that is hilarious to me, and traumatizing to him at times. He will slightly fall then land smoothly and safely on his butt, back or side, but is sure that he narrowly missed death. He will flail his arms and the look of terror on that little baby face is so genuine, you can do nothing but laugh and cuddle him.

I have quickly realized that Curtis is our dramatic one. As a second child, I guess he has to get noticed somehow. He is going to milk the "smaller, younger" brother excuse for all it's worth when the boys start rough-housing more frequently. I say more frequently, not because they have really started now, but I can see it on the horizon. Though Brock may not have noticed Curtis' advancements on a conscious level, he has definitely started to treat him differently. He treats him like a kid. He finds toys for him, he instructs Curtis to do things, he hugs and kisses him. When we get ready to leave, he asks if Curtis, or za Cuck, or Cucky, or Cookie, or Curkiss, will be joining us.

Even while teething, he was still abnormally happy. He wanted a bit more attention, and was waking up once a night (just needed a pacifier and some comfort), but some kids do that on a regular basis still at this age. I am just glad he is one step closer to eating real food, he wants to be able to join us at the table more than anything in the world.

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