Monday, July 4, 2011

Holy Mackerel!!

So, my attempt to cut down on the "house keeping" posts by creating a month end has failed miserably. I did it in April and completely forgot to do May and June!! It's just not my style and going to take some adjusting, but here goes:

Morgan and Drew Elmore
May 21st, 2011
Carthage, Missouri
Morgan and I bonded in Med school during our rotation at Children's Mercy. We quickly discovered that we are both extremely high strung, stressful people who enjoy "over-committing" to life in genereal, but playing it off as if we are laid back and fun. Our poor spouses take the brunt of all that pent up anxiety. So, I was overjoyed to share this huge day with her, and even more excited that I could hook her up with my husband! As the photographer, what else would I mean by that? That is also where I stole these images for the blog.

This was one of those "it's about time" kind of weddings where everyone knows everyone. Everyone loves the couple. And it is a true celebration all around. It also provided me the opportunity to hang out with Christy, another classmate and fellow coffeeshop hopper. We found ourselves studying next to each other quite often, and making fun of the kittly litter instrumentalist and the man who thinks a coffeeshop should be more silent than a library.

Congrats to two happy and amazing people.

Tommy and Lauren Houts
June 4th, 2011
Visitation Church and Mission Hills CC
Tommy Houts attended grade school with Matt. The two of them, along with a couple other childhood pals, have more memories together than almost anyone I know. This little pack has remained incredible friends, been in each others weddings, godparented each other's children, creatively destroyed beehives, and enjoyed many other bouts of debauchery together throughout their lives. Though, I along with the other wives have technically became part of this little clique, I think they will agree with me when I say that these boys have a special bond of their own. And Lauren, being the youngest and newest member fits in incredibly! In fact, it feels as if she has always been around. I don't think you can ask for anything better.

Despite a little bit of an air-conditioning issue. And a bit of photographer disciplinary action at that church (which there is nothing Jason Domingues can't handle - another photographer I ripped off an image from...) The wedding was a grand and beautiful one. It is so comfortable to attend weddings filled with friends.


Lastly, I attended a shower for Shae Paradise. She is expecting her first baby, which I believe to be a girl. It was a generally lovely shower. With a few games, you know, name the candy bar poop and time the diaper change. Really it was just a welcome change in pace from my testosterone filled household. Can't wait to meet the soon to be newest addition to the baby Group clan...fingers crossed she holds out until August 6th.

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