Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meat Loaf

This image came from one of Matt's cheezburger sites. Viewing these websites is something that I very regularly and relentlessly make fun of/chide him for, yet I reap all the benefits. You see, he marks the ones he finds most amusing and through the genius of Google Reader, I can view only 10 of the 1,000's he has pre-screened. And, we have a very similar sense of humor. Therefore, I am the clear WINNER in this situation (as per usual) and he is most definitely the LOSER (in nearly every meaning of the word).

But, back to the image. Of all the random chain emails, things people have posted, pictures and jokes I have seen, I HAD to repost this on my own blog. There are some things in life that perplex, interest and humor me. A lot. To the point of obsessing. And it really bothers me that sometimes other people are not botherd or confused by these things nearly to the same degree as me. Which is probably why I obsess about them...I just want to yell, come on people!? Well, this song by Meat Loaf is one of those things that has plagued me for life. How can one create such an incredibley vague power ballad, yet have no meaning attached to it whatsoever? What stems the passion with which this song is sung?

Well, question answered. As you can see folks, it's as simple as this: Meat Loaf would do anything for love, but he won't do that. (No no, he won't do that.)

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