Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Niner.

As it turns out, a nine week old puppy and a nine month old baby have extremely similar interests. Curtie and Fannie are generally all over one another and vying for the same toy at all times (when they are not napping, eating or pooping, of course.) Often times, Fannie will walk up and just sit on Curtis. He has already learned to shove her invasive schnoz out of his face. And she has already learned that his toes are not a chew toy.

More and more, I find Curtis up a few steps, getting into kitchen cabinets, following his brother, and he is nearly always standing with the support of some piece of furniture. He has begun cruising and has taken a few steps with the block wagon walker toy thing. He has even on occasion, accidentally stood without support for a few seconds, which is hilarious. It takes him a moment to realize that he is no longer being supported, but when he does notice, the look of panic is priceless. He is still inches away from the couch or chair, he need only reach his little chubby hand out to restabilize, but instead he freaks out and sits on his butt. Needless to say, he is not our adventurous one, and walking might take some guts he has not acquired as of yet. He no longer does his bizarre one arm, one legged slightly cock-eyed army crawl and is up on all fours touring the place. He appropriately uses the word "mama" (when he is distressed). And questionably uses "dada".

Curtis weighs 21 lbs 7ozs which lands him in the 75%ile. And is nearly 29.5 inches which puts him in the 80's. So our little giant has slowly become a bit closer to average, still outweighing Brock by a good 2 pounds at this point. He never stops eating, but he also never stops moving. He has taken a sharp turn to Brockdom in that sense. He thinks he is pretty hot stuff now that his mobility is near limitless.

And the more he becomes like another little human, the more Brock treats him as such. Brock is always concerned about za Cucky's whereabouts. When playing together, he alway makes sure to give Curtis a toy (though, I am pretty sure the motivation behind this action is to avert the baby from his toys). He even talks to him now as if he completely understands. Though, I believe Curtis has realized that Brock is typically held responsible for nearly every incident and has learned to use this to his advantage. What I mean, is that Brock will hardly touch him, and Curtis folds over, crying, as if Brock has just performed the meanest act ever. Looks like we have got to keep an eye on sweet little Cucky. He might be just as manipulative as that toddler.The progress a little person can make in just 9 months is astounding. Amazing. From conception to birth, nine months. So from none existent to functioning in the world. Then from just eating, sleeping and pooping, to talking, crawling, playing in nine months. And the puppy? Well, in nine months, she will have gained at least 70 pounds. 70 pounds!! I think I can literally see her growing if I watch for 5 minutes. Obviously, I love it all. I am crazy about babies, and development, and life, and helping to form it. I hope I am doing a decent job of it...there are days when Brock (or should I just call him Dexter) makes me wonder.

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