Sunday, August 14, 2011

When given the choice...

...Brock will ALWAYS choose a Polo over a t-shirt. And often, when I am dressing him in just a t-shirt, he will ask if it has a pocket. And whenever the answer is "no", he seems slightly disappointed about wearing a plain ol' tee. For this reason, and others, I fear that Brock is, in fact, going to live up to his preppy name and become a "d-bag". Or, I mean, a brother in a frat. At least he will most likely be the president of the fraternity. The best of the worst is better than the worst of the worst, right?

We can't really blame him, as I frequently dress him in Sperry's and Puma's that I will not allow him to get dirty. I just hit an all time low yesterday and bought him a pair of white RL Polo shorts for next Summer. White. The only thing to make that more yuppy, is to get a pink shirt to go with it. Not going to happen (for Brock anyway, just too pretty for pink. Meanwhile, I have already imagined Curtis sporting some pink this coming Easter.)

And he walks around Starbucks like he owns the place. He just has the right look and demeanor to make a great d-bag. I might as well embrace it now.

In other news. I recently lunched with the boys and my mother at one of my favorite "hole in the wall" Mexican restaurants. And, as most "hole in the wall's" are, this one is located in a not so classy neighborhood. We finished lunch and started to load up into the car, my mother helping Brock into his seat. We were parked on the street, near a stoplight which just so happened to be red at the moment, therefore causing all the vehicles to stop. Including this white, pimped out Tahoe. Brock became quite frantic and began shouting, "The wheels still going! The wheels are going. Look! Look!" So my mother turns and just kind of laughs and explains to Brock, "Yes, it's the rims, they're still spinning" I mean, let's just say I was absolutely amused by this situation. My 2 year old is thoroughly confused about spinnin' rims, and my mother is explaining it to him by essentially quoting lyrics from a rap song by Chingy...

So...I didn't have a photo right on hand of Brock in a Polo, but he does make an appearance in this clip!

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Lisa said...

If he starts popping his collar, you might need to stage an intervention. Seriously though, cutest, most well-dressed, little boys ever!!!