Friday, August 26, 2011

All good things.

Must come to an end. As was painfully made clear to me on the last note I wrote on the last day of my first rotation as a resident. This note just so happened to be the longest note I had EVER written. On the most complicated patient I had EVER seen. And was the only thing between me and getting home for the night.

You see. When I began residency, everyone told me how I would grow to hate Cerner. They told me that the computer would ruin my day, experience and education at times. I had gone 6 weeks without an event that convinced me what they were saying was actually true. You see, I am a skeptic (what!!??? no is my oldest son - story to come). So, people can tell me things like this all day, they can tell me how awful something or someone is, or how wonderful something or someone is, and I just don't believe it. I often feel, it is user related. The computer sucks, because you are an idiot. Sorry, it's just how I think. And for 6 weeks, this was true. I began to believe that I truly must be in a residency full of idiots (I am exaggerating for effect, and if I have to explain that, then you're an idiot too.)

So, I sat down, typed my note. Went through one more time. Found a spot I needed to correct, and began typing away to complete it. As I am typing, I reposition myself, and apparently, accidentally clicked the mouse with my right elbow, and BAM. My nearly 1 hour of work gone. Vanished. No trace. The heat instantly rushed up to my face, and quite frankly, I would be surprised if there wasn't some steam blowing from my ears. I was irrate. Many people said they would have cried, but anger is my general emotion of choice for these kind of situations. Before I touched anything else, I called IT to see if there was anyway to recover it. There wasn't. The whole thing was a complete fluke. A "flaw in the system" they call it.

I quickly retyped the note, in half the time it took me originally. I signed it, without hesitation, and left. On the drive home, I realized I had forgotten an entire portion of the note. Whoops. Guess that gives me something to do in the morning. And I have now, officially, joined the ranks of the idiots. Damn, Cerner.

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