Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Cleaning Lady

Sometimes, you do things. Then you wonder afterwards, now, what was all the hype about? That was a waste of time.

Other times you do things. And wonder, why the hell did nobody insist I try this sooner? I have been missing out!

Having a cleaning lady is the latter of the two. Amazing. Unless both Matt and I are out of work at the same time, we will pay someone to clean our house from here on out.

I want it to be known, that I have periodically begged for, and suggested, and pointed out why we need, a cleaning lady since the day I started medical school. (So, pretty much, since the day I became a home-owner.)

You see, my standard of cleanliness just cannot be met by two full time employed adults. It definitely cannot be met with 2 working adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a fish all living in the same house. While it was just Matt, me and the pets, it was at least manageable and nearly met my standards after a good, solid weekend of cleaning. But now? Now we are lucky if we can get 3 of the 13 rooms done in a weekend.

Not anymore! I came home. On a Thursday night. A night where the dirty, cluttered, everything out of place-ness is nearing it's Friday night climax. To a clean house. Not a picked up house. A clean house. I am fairly certain our stove top wasn't even that clean the day we moved in. The glass that encases shower, that both Matt and I took turns scrubbing until we were sore, yet still had watery, soap scum marks...looked as if no water had ever touched it. The inside of the fridge was spotless. The microwave, wait, microwaves can work without grease covering all the inside surfaces?
I can feel huge weight has been lifted. One of my seemingly, lifelong stressors has simply melted away. No more panic as to when I can schedule in some time to clean a room or two. All of this peace of mind, lack of embarassment if someone were to unexpectedly pop by, and freed time for $15 an hour.

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