Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taking a Hit.

I really, really didn't think my blogging would suffer from the ridiculous number of hours I work. It is such a compulsion for me. In fact, I thought my material would double. But due to HIPPA, and my lack of social life, the only thing left to talk about is my family. And even them I don't see enough to really come up with a great story. I don't have time for random thoughts or opinions. I don't have time for weddings, showers, birthdays, barbecues or other such frivolities. I have never been to bed before 10pm more in my entire life, than I have in the past 6 weeks.

Don't get me wrong. I manage to squeeze an outing in here and there. I even managed to host my father's 60th birthday. (Which, I really can't actually claim anything but supplying the house. My sisters made ALL the food, besides the buffalo chicken dip, and Matt ended up making that. And the cleaning lady did all the housework. And Brock picked out the balloons. I did pick up and organize a few items, as well as arrange some flowers. Geez, give me some credit.)

I have also managed to observe a few developing behaviors in my little ones. Curtis, for example, is crawling as if he's done it his entire life. Which, starting at 4 months, I guess he nearly has. And he can cruise, and when mad, stand without holding on to anything for a good 5-10 seconds. He just has NO interest in actually walking. Oh well. If he's in no hurry, I'm in no hurry. Also, I truly believe Curtis lives by the principle: if I see you eat, I will eat it. Taste does not matter. In fact, if I see the dog eat it, I will eat it.
I think Brock might be conversing better than Matt or I...I mean, we were on a walk and he waved to the person passing, said "hi", then asked, "what's your dog's name?" and when the person answered, he responded, "oh, how cute." All of which was clear as a bell and in perfect grammar. If there is one thing I can say for sure about the development of that child, he has no speech problems. Near flawless pronunciation. Now, as for his behavior and overall personality, there may be some issues. Let's just say, no one is going to describe him as "gentle" or "laid back".
And the little, little Little. Well, it just keeps on growing. When I first posted the floating baby ticker, it said I had 240 days to go. Now I have 156. Really? I thought I just found out I was pregnant last week. Have I even paid any of my bills? Cleaning lady, nanny, now I need a personal assistant. And, I think that about does it for my flight of ideas.

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