Saturday, September 24, 2011

Does 60 sound old?

Remember when you were a kid? When someone was 60, they were OLD. I mean, your parents were still in their 30's, maybe hitting 40. Now, someone is their sixties, is now my own parent. Next year, when I turn 30, I will be exactly half the age of my father. I am catching up!

Seriously though, Eddie has provided me 30 years of love, support and education. He taught this city girl how to manage at the farm. How to fish. How to ride a 4 wheeler. How to light a firecracker. How to rake the leaves. How to do yard work without a shirt on, and drinking a beer...wait, nix the without a shirt part (for me anyway.) How to fry an egg in bacon grease. How to grow tomatoes. And how to laugh.

If their is one thing my dad does well, it's laugh. He manages to see the bright side of life, and nearly every situation (even when I don't think there actually is a bright-side, hmmm, maybe he's a bit looney.) I know I may come across as a pessimist (or realist as I like to call it), but I think I got his trait of always being in a good mood.

So, to celebrate his 60 years of a life, full of life. We had a little cook out in my backyard. With some tabouli, buffalo chicken dip and oatmeal scotchies, 3 of his favorite foods, that just so happened to be 3 of MY favorite foods.

HAPPY 60th ED JR!!

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