Saturday, September 3, 2011

Round #3.

Well, this 3rd time around, the shorts barely, barely fit at 15 weeks. In fact, I am still wearing them and contemplating switching to maternity shorts. I don't think any of this is due to baby being larger, it is more likely because I started out 10lbs heavier as well as in worse physical shape than the previous 2 pregnancies, and didn't lose a single pound once first trimester concluded (didn't gain one either.) I really think it is physically impossible to fully rebound from a pregnancy by 7 months. I feel fine and dandy now, but I am fearing for my back as I grow.

I have been so busy, working 10 days straight, my shortest day being 12 hours, I have hardly had the chance to think about #3. In fact, I think February is going to come WAY WAY faster than I am prepared for, and BAM! We will have a 3rd little O ruling the roost. Perhaps this busyness has contributed to how different this pregnancy has been. I was not as sick. I am not as emotionally labile (probably because I am not as miserable.) I do not think about the fact that I am pregnant 24/7. Sometimes, it will just strike me, "oh yeah, I am carrying another little bundle!" With each pregnancy, I feel more and more like an incubator and less like an amazing miracle creator. But don't get me wrong, the excitement of a new baby, person, human, member of the family never, ever diminishes. Just the process to get there seems more routine with each subsequent gestation.

According to the Chinese Gender Calender, this one is a girl. It's been 100% right for me so far...But as per usual, I have no gut feeling one way or the other. Yet. Either way, I get to look forward to some big purchase shopping. Bunk beds for the boys. And a minivan (BOO!) for the family. With 3 kids in carseats, unfortunately, there really is no other option that is as convenient. But I WILL NOT EVER refer to myself as a "soccer mom", so you better not either. If you insist on giving me a label, I prefer Doctor.

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