Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mr. Personality

Last night, my mom offered to watch the boys for a bit while Matt and I enjoyed a dinner to ourselves after my 94 hour work week, and his week of taking care of the boys, alone, overnight.  Se had a work party to attend, but it was just pizza at a nearby friend's house, so the boys' were more than welcome to join her.  When we pull up to pick up the kiddos, I am greeted by all my mother's co-workers informing me that my boys were the entertainment of the evening.  One person even brings me his phone to show me the photo he took. Of Brock. With trousers to his ankles. Peeing in the middle of the yard.  I just sigh. Matt takes a peek over my shoulder, then looks up, beaming with pride, "that's my boy!"  And everyone starts laughing.

At three and a half, this kind of thing is a frequent occurrence (not the peeing in the yard in front of everyone - but kind of - but the making everyone laugh thing.)  Despite his endless energy, exhausting curiosity, lack of patience and trying stubbornness, Brock creates amusement for all in almost any situation.  Or at least, something to look back on and laugh about, even if in the moment it's not exactly fun.

Recently, as I was downstairs giving the 2 babies a bath, I called up to Matt, "Will you bring down a towel for Curtis when you head this way?"  To which he replied, "sure".  Unbeknownst to me, Brock had also responded, "ok, mom!"  So Matt looks over at him quizzingly, and says, "so, Brock. You going to go get that towel for your mother?" To which Brock replied as if Matt was loony, "No. I was just trying to  make her be quiet."  What!? I feel sorry for that boys future spouse if he already behaves that way!

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