Sunday, September 9, 2012


Imagine, if you will, rush hour, in Chicago, at the train station with loading docks above the bustling streets below.  Doesn't quite seem like the place for 2 adults and 3 children under the age of four to be hanging out, but alas, there we were; trying to board the Green line - 4 days in a row!  It tested my heart's limits to withstand extreme anxiety every time we got to the docks.  As much as we insisted Brock not step foot on the demarcated blue region that is the edge of the boarding platform, there were far too many things to distract him from this restriction.  Such as pigeons.  Nothing more irresistible to a 3.5 year old, than fat, lazy pigeons that merely run from you when chased.  Catching one has got to be possible, right? As an aside, Brock referred to every bird as a pigeon from the first sighting on, if it was a little bird, it was a "tiny, baby pigeon", seagulls were pigeons, and normal size pigeons were "big mommy and daddy pigeons".
We made it on and off multiple public transportation vehicles up to a dozen times a day, with 2 strollers, a diaper bag, a camera bag, a Bjorn, drinks, souvenirs, food, toys, a "binka beear and pappi".  Hmmm, come to think of it, that Blanky Bear, who toured all the same sites as us, as well as inspected most of the flooring, streets, sidewalks and train seats has yet to take a bath since his many adventures.  Whoops.  Anyway, the fiasco of loading and unloading became a smooth dance that Matt and I were able to perform near flawlessly.  We did notice many an outsider staring with wonderment and concern.  Often, you could tell they were making mental bets as to whether we would make it on or off in time and with all of our belongings, and I must admit, a few times, it was quite amazing indeed.  A particular occassion on the bus, George was crying so I had to take him out of the stroller, then a handicapped person boarded so we had to break down and store away a stroller, and I got the Bjorn out to put George in it, and our stop was approaching.  So, I threw George in the Bjorn and was assembling it while grabbing the diaper bag and folded stroller as Matt pushed Curtis and Brock out the doors and made it!  Pretty sure we left people applauding our little one family show on the bus, or I like to think they were...

We did so much public transit because we didn't stay in the city. We were out in the 'burbs with Matt's Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob.  They live in this fantastic old house, in an area that used to be run by the mafia. Therefore, it was surrounded by tasty, one of a kind, Italian cafe's and restaurants.  We tried an Italian Beef from Johnnies, my mouth is watering right now, I just refuse to describe it further.  We enjoyed breakfast at Grandma Sally's diner; homemade cinnamon rolls sliced and french toasted. Of course, we ate deep dish pizza, and Garrett's popcorn. We visited the Shedd Aquarium, the Planitarium, the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Willis (formerly Sear's) Tower, Millennium park with The Bean and Navy Pier.  We visited our good friend Beth.  We stopped in St. Louis to visit Aunt Mary Lynne on the way.  Oh, and you know all those obnoxious billboards advertising Nostalgiaville, yeah, we stopped there, not recommended, a whole lot of advertising for a whole lot of nothing. We stayed one night in a hotel in Davenport, IA.  Where we scared off this complimentary old couple at breakfast, who told us our boys were very well behaved and that we're "on our way to becoming the Romney's with 3 boys already", then proceeded to ask Brock his name, and I am fairly certain they mistook him to say, "Barack" because they just replied, "Oh" in a slightly frightened manner and walked off.
The trip was truly wonderful.  It was exhausting and the boys were in bed by 8ish and us by 10 almost every night.  I would even consider it relaxing, because I am crazy, and site-seeing with babies is relaxing to me.   It was the first time in so long that I spent 8 straight days with just my boys, without interruption, and I think I really needed it.  I feel like they are mine again, and that no one in the world knows these kids better than me.  Matt and I laughed at their quirky little behaviors, constantly.  I think we turned on the television twice.  These 3 boys alone are enough entertainment for even an entire bus load of Chicagoans and train passengers, that apparently Curtis felt needed "shushing". Next time though, I think we might go beach.  As in, the most traveling we do while on vacation is walking from the hotel to the ocean edge.
See Matt's interpretation of our visit, via his PHOTOS HERE!!!

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RKJ said...

Oh my gosh I give you lots of props momma, you are a rock star! Sounds like you had fun. Oh and your boys are pretty dang cute! Love the blog!