Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Rule: There are no rules.

I have broken the my own, personal, Cardinal rule of blogging, I have a list of posts. This list I have going in my head is causing constant pressure and making me feel the need to quickly document!  They are somewhat time sensitive events in my life.  I have been so busy, but it's not really the time to blog that's a problem, it's the brain power. The inspiration.  The lack of fluidity.  The reason I so easily write post, after post, after post, is not because I feel obligated to, but because the mood strikes, my muse (usually either too much caffeine or too late of a night) has found me.  The muse has been missing.  And I have had an awesome birthday.  A friend or 2 get married.  A family trip to Chicago.  A close family member pass.  A 5 month old become a 6 month old, now nearly 7  month old.  A little boy start preschool.  Another little boy start to talk, A LOT.  A son get baptized. A husband had a birthday.  And so, so many pictures and other things, that I feel I MUST remember.

I frequently get the comment, "You are so good about blogging."  And often, these people have attempted it, and add in the fact that they let theirs get outdated and now it's too overwhelmin to "catch up". This implies there is some sort of obligation to blogging.  Absolutely not.  I never feel pressured to write or post anything for you people (whomever is reading this, that is.  Sorry to burst your little bubble.) Usually, I don't even feel pressured to post anything for myself.  This is a hobby.  And a great way to scrapbook, and capture memories.  It is something I do for me, and me alone.  I share it, because I think that someone might get a laugh, or a grandma might get to see more of her grandchild, or someone might see that life can be crazy, insane, busy, happy, sad, chaotic and still FUN.

But suddenly, I do feel pressured to get it all out on paper.  All of it.  Every last bit of my wonderful, depressing at times, yet celebratory August 2012.  So, it is coming.  A bunch of posts with lots of information, and probably very little entertainment value, as they will be passion-less.  They will be a much more muted version of what was actually experienced and felt.  I will break this rule of mine, so that I may free my mind from the chains that bind it, and the words will flow again.  As they have for this worthless little rant...I could have been updating events for these last 15 minutes.  Too bad my glorious trip to Chi-town is not where my mind has wandered.

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